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selected television films & series  


        Television Films    
trailer JFK-The Smoking Gun-Docudrama Muse Entertainment / Jesse Prupas Malcolm McDonald
  The Good Sister Incendo / Ian Whitehead Philippe Gagnon
trailer Who Is Simon Miller?
NBC / Muse Paolo Barzman
trailer Look Again      Incendo Jean-Marc-Piché
trailer Do No Harm      Incendo Jean-Phillipe Gagnon
trailer Burden of Evil Incendo Michel Monty
trailer The Jensen Project NBC / Muse Douglas Barr
trailer Perfect Plan Incendo Tristan Dubois
trailer Second Chances Incendo Jean-Claude Lord
trailer Ties That Bind Incendo Frédérick D'Amours
trailer Web of Lies Incendo Tristan Dubois
trailer Ring of Deceit Incendo Jean-Claude Lord
trailer The Terrorist Next Door CTV /
Forum Films
Jerry Ciccoritti
trailer Thrill of the Kill Lifetime Richard Roy
trailer Last Exit CTV / Forum Films John Fawcett
  One Dead Indian CTV /
Sienna Films /
Tim Southam
  World of Trouble
NBC Universal Television Stephen Hopkins
trailer Live Once, Die Twice Lifetime Stephan
  Lies and Deception Lifetime Louis Belanger
trailer Twist Lifetime Richard Roy
trailer Deadly Isolation Lifetime Rodney Gibbons
trailer False Pretenses Lifetime Jason Hreno
  Over the Edge Lifetime Richard Roy
  View of Terror Hearst Ent. Louis Belanger
trailer See Jane Date VZS Films Robert Berlinger
trailer Charlie Jade Ciné Groupe Robyn Spry
trailer Going for Broke Viacom Prod. /
Graeme Campbell
  Choice: The
Henry Morgentaler
Laszlo Barna /
Kevin Tierney
John L'Ecuyer
  Wall of Secrets Hearst Ent. François Gingras
  Undying Love
Les Prod.
La Fête
Helene Klodawsky
  Just a Walk in
the Park
Von Zerneck-Sertner Stephen Schacter
  Deception Hearst Ent. Richard Roy
  Deadly Betrayal Hearst Ent. Jason Hreno
  Nightwaves Hearst Ent. James Kaufman
  Jean Moulin,
une affaire française
GMT Prod. Pierre Aknine
trailer Robinson Crusoe GMT Prod. Thierry Chabert
trailer One Way Out Promark Allan Goldstein
trailer Federal Protection Promark Anthony Hickox
  No Ordinary Baby Lifetime Peter Werner
trailer Within These Walls Lifetime Mike Robe
trailer Hysteria -
The Def Leppard Story
Viacom / VH 1 Bob Mandel
trailer Stiletto Dance HBO Mario Azzorpardi
trailer The Killing Yard Showtime Euhzan Palcy
trailer A Diva's Christmas Carol Viacom / VH 1 Richard Schenkman
trailer Snow in August Showtime Richard Friedenberg
  Pact with the Devil T.V. Feature Allan Goldstein
trailer Varian's War Showtime Lionel Chetwynd
trailer Nuremberg
Alliance Atlantis
Yves Simoneau
trailer Audrey Hepburn ABC Steve Robman
trailer The Great Gatsby A&E /
Granada Films
Robert Markowitz
trailer XChange HBO Allan Moyle
trailer The Courage to Love Motion Int. Kari Skogland
trailer Satan's School for Girls ABC /
Spelling Television
Christopher Leitch
  Too Rich -
The Secret Life of
Doris Duke
CBS John Erman
trailer 36 Hours to Die TNT / Motion Yves Simoneau
  Big Bear Télé-Action Gil Cardinal
trailer For Hire Pieter Kroonenburg/
Julie Allan
Jean Pellerin
  Glory & Honor Bruce Gilbert Kevin Hooks
        Television Series    
trailer Being Human Syfy / Muse various
trailer Exploding Sun Muse / Irene Litinsky / Michael Prupas Michael Robison
trailer Cat.8             Muse / Irene Litinsky / Michael Prupas Kevin Fair
trailer Mohawk Girls Rezolution Pictures / Christina Fon Tracey Deer
trailer 18 to Life
(pilot & seasons 1 & 2)
CBC  / Galafilm various
trailer Sophie
(English pilot & series)
Sphere Media
Eric Tessier
  St. Urbain's Horseman CBC / Galafilm Peter Moss
  The Great War Galafilm / CBC Brian McKenna
trailer Rumours
(English pilot &series)
Sphere Media
  Grand Star
(3 leads)
Galafilm Paolo Barzman
trailer Indian Summer:
The Oka Crisis
Télé-Action Intl.
Gil Cardinal
  Naked Josh
(3 seasons)
Oxygen Media /
Cirrus Comms. 
  15/Love Gala Film various
(3 seasons)
Gala Film various
(4 recurring characters)
Warner Brothers John Wells
  Delta State Megafun Prod. various
  Mental Zone-3 various
trailer Galidor Cinegroupe various
trailer Napoleon
GMT Prod. Yves Simoneau
trailer Big Wolf on Campus
(3 seasons)
Fox Family Channel various
trailer The Last Chapter CinéTélé-Action Richard Roy
  Vampire High
(2 seasons)
La Fête various
  Live Through This MTV various
trailer Further Tales
of the City
trailer The Secret Adventures
of Jules Verne
Tallisman /
  Misguided Angel Fox Family Channel various
trailer The Hunger
(2 seasons)
Showtime various
  Once a Thief Alliance various
  Student Bodies
(65 episodes)
Fox Family Channel various
trailer The Hidden Room
28 episodes)
Lifetime various
  The Hitchhiker
40 episodes)
USA various
(44 episodes)
MTV various
  Lost World (pilot) Telescene Richard Franklin
trailer Matthew Blackheart:
Monster Smasher
Téléscene Eric Canuel