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selected feature films  


trailer Rhymes For Young Ghouls Prospector Films Jeff Barnaby
trailer The Moth Diaries Edward R.Pressman Films / Mediabiz International /
Samson Films
Mary Harron
trailer Bon Cop Bad Cop Alliance Films /
Parkex Pictures
Eric Canuel
trailer Imaginaerum Neil Dunn / André Rouleau Stobe Harju
  ESC            . Suki Films Alain Desrochers
  Stay             . Amerique Films-
Martin Paul-Hus
Wiebke von Carolsfed
trailer The Good Lie Suki Films Shawn Linden
trailer Faith, Fraud and
Minimum Wage
Crescent Road Films /
Moving Films /
Les Productions
Colin Neale Inc.

George Mihalka
trailer French Immersion Parkex Pictures Kevin Tierney
trailer Good Neighbours TVA Films /
Parkex Pictures
Jacob Tierney
trailer The Howling: Reborn Moonstone Entertainment Joe Nimziki
trailer Territories Alliance Vivafilm /
Capture the Flag Films
Olivier Abbou
  Everywhere Forum Films Alexis Durand-Brault
trailer The Trotsky Alliance Films /
Parkex Pictures
Jacob Tierney
  The Bend Entourage Films Jennifer Kierans
trailer Mr. Nobody Pan Européenne Jaco van Dormael
trailer Serveuses Demandées K Films Amérique /
Parkex Pictures
Guylaine Dionne
trailer South of the Moon Stargaze Pictures Tony Green
trailer A Vos Marques
. . . Party!
Christal Films Frédérick D'Amours
trailer Journey to the
Center of the Earth
Warner Brothers /
New Line Cinema
Eric Brebig
trailer Last Kiss Paramount Pictures /
Lakeshore Entertainment
Tony Goldwyn
trailer C'est pas Moi . . .C'est L'Autre Istar /
Screen People
Alain Zaloum
trailer Steel Toes Gala Films David Gow
trailer Noel Bart Rosenblatt /
Al Corley
Howard Rosenman
Chazz Palminteri
trailer My First Wedding Cinema Libre Studio Laurent Firode
trailer See This Movie Mill Creek Entertainment /
Depth of Field
David Rosenthal
trailer The Last Sign Transfilm Douglas Law
trailer Head in the Clouds Remstar John Duigan
trailer Beyond Borders Paramount Pictures /
Mandalay Pictures
Martin Campbell
trailer Aime Ton Père Canal+ / Transfilm Jacob Berger
trailer The Nearest To Heaven Pyramide Prod. /
Toni Marshall
trailer Lost Junction MGM Home Entertainment /
Bigel /
Mailer Films
Peter Masterson
trailer Abandon Paramount Pictures Stephen Gaghan
trailer The Sum of All Fears Paramount Pictures Phil Alden Robinson
trailer The Heist Warner Bros./
Morgan Creek Productions /
Franchise Pictures
David Mamet
trailer The Score Paramount Pictures Frank Oz
trailer Steal (aka Riders) Miramax /
Alliance Atlantis
Transfilm Inc.
Gerard Pirés
  One-Eyed King Lions Gate Films /
Robert Moresco
trailer Whole Nine Yards Warner Bros. Pictures / Franchise Pictures Jonathan Lynn
trailer Caveman's Valentine Universal Pictures /
Franchise Pictures /
Jersey Shore
Kasi Lemmons
trailer Where the Money Is USA Films /
Gramercy Pictures /
Scott Free Productions
Marek Kanievska
trailer Isn't She Great Universal Home Ent. /
Mutual Film Company
Andrew Bergman
trailer The Art of War Warner Bros. /
Morgan Creek Productions /
Franchise Pictures /
Filmline International
Christian Duguay
trailer Eye of the Beholder Destination Films /
Filmline International
Stephen Elliot
trailer Grey Owl Alliance Atlantis Comm./
Beaver Productions /
Ajaawan Productions /
Largo Entertainment /
Sir Richard Attenborough
trailer Nico The Unicorn Echo Bridge Home Ent./ Kingsborough Greenlight
Graeme Campbell
trailer Affliction Lions Gate Films /
JVC Entertainment
Paul Schrader
trailer The Jackal Universal Pictures Michael
trailer 2001 A Space Travesty Columbia TriStar
Home Video /
Allan Goldstein
trailer A Walk on the Moon Miramax Home
Entertainment /
Miramax Films
Tony Goldwyn
trailer The Ghost of
Dickens Past
Feature Films for Families Bruce Neibaur
trailer Home Team Monarch Home Video /
Allan Goldstein
trailer The Collectors Equinox Films /
Milagro Films
Sidney Furie
trailer The Education
of Little Tree
Paramount Pictures /
Allied Films
Richard Friedenberg
  Boys of St. Vincent Alliance / CBC /
Ciné Télé Action /
John Smith
trailer Enemies A Love Story Twentieth Century Fox
Film Corp.
Morgan Creek Productions
Paul Mazursky
trailer Criminal Law Hemdale Film Martin Campbell
  Out of Control Showtime Networks / Kingsborough Greenlight
Richard Trevor